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Thank better. Get answers.

Create & send personalized Thank You cards with photos or videos.

Donors answer one question: Why did you give?

Thank better. Get answers.

Create and send Thanks! from anywhere

Take a picture or shoot a video of your event on your phone and send it out with your Thanks! from anywhere. Or thank many donors at once with personalized messages with easy spreadsheet upload from your desktop.


Who We Are started as an idea in 2017 when our CEO and founder, Orion Matthews, received a generic "Thank You" in the mail for a donation, and thought - there has to be a more meaningful way to recognize donors.

As a long time donor, volunteer, and board member at various non-profits, as well as an IT consultant in several large 501(c)3 organizations, he knew both how important thanking and engaging with donors is to retaining them year over year, and also how difficult it is for most non-profits to have meaningful engagement with their donors that isn't a generic, one-size-fits-all communication.

So was born - a better way to thank donors with personalized messages, and to understand their philanthropic motivations so that non-profits can can have meaningful communications.

Is your donor a cat person or a dog person?

Find out why they gave and always reach them with messaging that inspires

Our Solution

Simple. Social. Personal.

Smart marketers and development professionals know that understanding donor behavior is the key to having meaningful follow-up and relevant calls to action, which keeps your donors engaged and your retention rates high. lets you gather immediate voice-of-the-donor insight by giving them an immediate, personalized, and shareable Thank You! in response to their donation, volunteering, or other goodwill, then asking the one question that matters, when it matters:


Are you ready to let us take your donor management to the next level?



Our plans start at $10/month, and scale as you do, with a 90-day trial.

Custom integration and development work is also available - we can automate thanking through your CRM, connect with your mailing services, or anything else you need. Get in touch for a quote!


Meet our founding team

Three dudes, one passion for great causes

Orion Matthews

Founder & CEO

A former board member at Campfire USA and CIO at both Philanthropy Northwest and Council on Foundations, Orion understands the industry and the unique needs of fundraising inside and out.

Isaac Pino

Co-Founder & Partner

As a CPA, Isaac is our own finance guru who keeps us laser focused on returning and measuring value to our users. He comes to us from Deloitte and The Motley Fool,

Galen Mittermann

Co-Founder & Partner

Galen boast over a decade of experience in new product development, with a focus on business analysis and customer research. He's passionate about building great solutions that customers love.


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